Victorio Deluxe Grain Mill Motor VKP1024-M



This Victorio Grain Mill Motor model VKP1024-M turns your Victorio Deluxe VKP1024 and VKP1024A hand Grain Mill into a powerful machine to get the job done quickly. You can use the hand crank when the power is out or you are roughing it and us the motor on your Grain Mill when you have power and want to get the job done quickly.

This Grain Mill motor attaches and removes easily from your Victorio Deluxe Grain Mill base. Just slide motor shaft into the slot where the Grain Mill handle goes, plug in to power and you are ready to start making flour.This Grain Mill motor does not take up much storage space. 

The Grain Mill motor operates at a low 57 RPM speed to prevent heat built up in your flour and to prevent the flour from flying all over the place.

The high torque of the Grain Mill motor and all metal gears offer great performance for a Grain Mill motor and it is built to last for years.

It is an energy efficient Grain Mill.  It runs with a maximum of 60 watts of power and uses 120VAC, 60Hz..

The Grain Mill motor can be used with an off the grid power sources like solar energy, batteries and power generators.

The Victorio Grain Mill motor is assembled in the United States with United States and foreign made parts.

Only for use with Victorio Deluxe manual Grain Mill machine model VKP1024 and VKP1024A.

1 Year Manufacturers Warranty