Victorio Grain Mill Deluxe VKP1024



The Victorio Deluxe Grain Mill VKP1024 has a larger Grain mill hopper than the Victorio model VKP1012.

The Deluxe VKP1024 grain mill hopper will hold 4.5 cups of grains for continuous milling. The Victorio model VKP1012grain mill has a large 2 cup hopper.  You can grind more wheat seeds into flour with the larger hopper on this VKP1024 Grain mill.  It will produce about 1/4 cup of flour per minute.

The Victorio Deluxe Grain mill is easy to store in your cupboard or even a kitchen drawer. 

The grain mill measures 15 3/4 inches H, 2 3/16 inches W and  6 5/16 inches D.

You can adjust the grain mill from coarse to fine with just a twist of the dial on the front of the grain mill.

The clamp fits most counter tops or tables. The thickens of the table you attach the Grain mill to must be less than 2 inches thick. The clamp portion of the grain mill has a rubber pad to prevent the top surface of your table from getting scratched or marked.

This grain mill grinds dry seeds like peppercorns, dry spices and small grains like rye, oats, barley, rice and wheat to mention a few.  It will grind more than these items listed above including chia seeds.

The body of the grain mill is cast aluminum and the hopper is made of plastic.  All of the parts of the grain mill are not dishwasher safe. We recommend you wash the grain mill by hand and towel dry it after washing.

The owners manual for this grain mill includes operating and care instruction. You should read before you use the grain mill. The owners manual also includes a recipe for a basic bread dough. This recipe also includes versions of the basic bread dough to make cinnamon rolls, orange rolls and dinner rolls.

The Victorio Deluxe Grain Mill VKP1024A comes with a 2 year limited Manufactures Warranty.

You can add the optional Victorio Electric Motor (sold separately) to this hand grain mill hand milling machine to make milling flour even easier. The motor does not fit on the Vitctorio VKP1012 grain mill.

The Victorio grain mill is made in Taiwan.