Victorio Hand Graim Mill VKP1012



The Victorio Hand Grain Mill  model VKP1012 will grind small grains like dry grains and beans including barley, wheat, oats, rice, soybeans and coffee beans. The Grain Mill is not made to grind hard coarse items like corn, garbanzo beans or pinto beans. This Grain Mill will grind seeds that are not oily like pepper corns and it will also grind dried herbs.

The grinding cone of this Grain Mill will adjust from a fine to a coarse texture. It grinds much finer than many other hand Grain Mills on the market.

This Grain Mill hopper holds up to 2 cups of grain. The VKP1012 Grain Mill produces about 1/2 cup of fine flour per minute on the fine setting  and about 1 cup of flour per minute on the coarse setting.

The stainless steel Grain Mill burr will not rust, gum up or glazed over.  The Victorio Grain Mill burr is cone shaped for even flour texture and consistence.

Before putting anything in the Grain Mill hopper, choose the coarseness you want your flour to be. You just turn a adjustment knob clockwise if you want fine flour and counter-clockwise if you want a coarse texture. Then you add the grain to the Grain Mill hopper.

This Victorio Grain Mill clamps to most counter tops and tables.  The surface the Grain Mill is being attached to must be less than 2 inches thick. The Grain Mill has a rubber pad to prevent the surface it is being attached to from being scratched.

The compact size of the Grain Mill makes it easy to store. The Grain Mill measures 13" H x 2.5" W x 5.5" D 

The Grain Mill weigh is only 2.4 pounds. (This is not the shipping weight.)

The gain mill owners manual comes with a wheat dough recipe. The recipe includes instructions for making bread, rolls, cinnamon rolls and orange rolls from the basic recipe.

Workmanship and materials are warranted to be free from manufacturing flaws by the Victorio Grain Mill manufacturer for 2 years with proof of purchase. Read all of the use and assembly instruction  that are included in the Grain Mill owners manual before using the hand Grain Mill.

The Vitcorio Grain Mill model VKP1024 has a larger Grain Mill hopper and has the option of adding an electric motor to it.  The electric Grain Mill motor is sold separately.