Victorio Sauce Maker and Food Mill Motor VKP250-M



You can buy this Victorio Food Mill Motor and make life easier when you make tomato sauce, apple sauce, baby food and more. This mill motor will make quick work of your sauce making needs.

This mill motor is made to fit on the Victorio Sauce Maker - Food Stainer Model 250. It is not made for any other food strainer and may not fit or work does with any other food strainer

This food mill motor is easy to install and remove form the Victorio 250 Food Strainer.

It is an energy efficient and durable mill motor.

The quality craftsmanship of the mill motor includes all metal gears and it has high torque power. You will get many years of reliable use from this Victorio Mill Motor.

The motor turn the sauce maker at a low 57 RPM. This is an optional speed for quickly making sauces and more.

The Victorio Mill Motor operates wilth 120 VAC, 60Hz, 60 watts