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The VitaClay rice and slow cooker ESVF7900-8 Makes 16 cups of cooked grains, soups, stews and yogurt.

All VitaClay machines do not have a need for a non stick coating.  The inner liner is made from all natural Zisha clay. It is free of lead, cadmium or chemicals and glaze free. The VitaClay pot is mineral rich to enhance flavor and preserve nutrients, vitamins and enzymes in your food. Zisha clay was formed in the ground over thousands of years from the rain washing natural organic material down the mountain of Southern China into lakes.  This natural process created the Zisha beds.

The VitaClay pot is naturally alkaline which neutralizes acidic foods being cooked. You want to eat more alkaline foods to reduce your risk of cancer.

Moist heat created by the VitaClay pot helps retain maximum flavors and juices, eliminating the need for fats to be added.

The VitaClay pot is removable for convenient serving and easy cleaning.

The Yogurt function maintains a temperature between 105 and 110 degrees. It is very

It uses suspension heating technology. It distributes heat evenly around the sides and bottom of the VitaClay pot for consistent cooking. Your food will not burn on the bottom.

The VitaClay rice cooker heats up to 4 times faster than conventional rice cooker machines. It bring food to a boil, then slowly simmer to perfection, sealing in flavor and texture.

The inner clay lid encloses your food in the pot to maintain moisture and nutrients. The outer lid encloses the pot inside. This increases the pressure and retains moisture for tender food.

FREE COOKBOOKThe VitaClay comes with a FREE healthy recipe booklet featuring 30 international original recipes by VitaClay ® Chef Suzanne.

FUNCTIONSThe VitaClay cooking time can be programmed from 10 minutes to 5 hours in 10 minute increments.

Beeper sounds when the cooking is done, then it automatically switches to WARM setting and will keep your food warm for up to 20 hours.  The VitaClay also has a delay timer.

The VitaClay has a large LCD clock and delay timer so you can set it and go.

The VitaClay has a classic style with a brushed stainless steel exterior. It looks great in any style of kitchen.

UL listed and FDA approved.  California Prop 65 and RoHS laboratory approved. The VitaClay pot has been tested by independent 3rd party laboratory to be chemical and lead free.

The VitaClay comes with a rice paddle, measuring cup and recipe booklet featuring 30 original recipes by VitaClay's Chef Suzanne.

Dimensions: 16.65 x 11.81 x 9.84 inches

600 watts

Limited 1 Year Warranty:

Essenergy inc warrants VitaClay cooker against defects in material or workmanship for 1 year from date of original purchase during normal household use.

We also sell the replacement pot for the 8 cup VitaClay Rice Cooker.

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