Vitamix 7500 Blender with Low Profile 64 oz Jar



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The Vitamix Blender 7500 household model has a 2.2 Peak HP next generation motor. It is a G-Series blender meaning it has the next generations motor. This high performance Vitamix blender provides you with quick and easy food processing of soft and dense ingredients.

The Vitamix Blender 7500 was discontinued by the manufacturer.  It has been replaced by the Vitamix Blender Ascent line of blenders.  Click the model number to see the new Ascent 2300 and Ascent 2500 or click HERE to see our complete line of Vitamix blenders and accessories.

This next generation G-Seriess Vitamix  motor operates 40% quieter than other Vitamix blender models that don't have the next generation motor.

The new G-Series design of this Vitamix Blender includes a radial cooling fan with a thermal protection system to insure a long life of the motor and to prevent the motor from over heating.

The variable speed dial and pulse features on this Vitamix blender makes blending anything you want to blend easy.

The PULSE feature creates a chunky texture. You choose when to stop pulsing the Vitamix for the texture you want. You can make chunky vegetable soups and salsas.

The modern design of this Vitamix Blender 7500 will look great in any kitchen.  you get both beauty and function in one powerful Vitamix Blender.  You choose the COLOR you like between Black, Red or White.

You get a SHORT 64 OZ JAR with this Vitamix blender. You can keep this Vitamix Blender on our counter because it is short enough to store under most top kitchen cabinets. The jar is made from Eastman Titan Copolyester and it is BPA free. You can not only make cold smoothies you can also make hot soups in this low profile Vitamix blender jar.

The Vitamix 7500 variable speed control can be adjusted to 10 speeds.  This Vitamix will blend hard and soft, hot and cold foods, cream foods into a puree, chop to a coarse texture, grind grains and coffee to your desired texture, heat foods on high speed, churn and more.

It is easy to clean your Vitamix Blender Jar. Just add a drop of liquid dish detergent into the Vitamix Jar, fill the jar with about 2 cups of water turn the blender on high for 20 seconds. Then you rinse and dry the Vitamix jar.

The Vitamix Low Profile 7500 Blender comes with:

A motor base of your color choice.

 A Low Profile 64 ounce Vitamix blending jar.

A low profile tamper designed specifically for the Vitamix low profile blending jars.

A Simply Natural Cookbook designed for the Vitamix blender includes hundreds of recipes that includes full color pictures and is bound with a hard bound cover/

A Getting Started Guide that includes some simple recipes and it teaches you Vitamix Blending techniques to familiarize you with your new Vitamix Blender.

You get a "Getting Started" DVD. This tutorial  DVD visually illustrates how to use your Vitamix blender.

Vitamix 7500 Blender Measurements are:
17.5″ tall with container and lid on
9.4″ deep
7.7″ in wide

The Vitamix Blender weighs 12.5 lb. This is not the shipping weight

This Vitamix blender comes with an attached 6 ft long cord.

It operates with 120 volt, 50/60 Hz 12 amps for North America use.

The 7 YEAR WARRANTY is covered by the Vitamix Corporation. 

This Vitamix blender in manufactured in Cleveland Ohio. We ship your order from Sacramento, CA.

Choose from a Black, Red or White Vitamix Blender.

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