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The Vitamix Turboblend 1782 Blender has a Swedish designed 2+ peak hp motor. This Vitamix motor runs cool for long periods of time. It will not over heat.  Although, the Vitamix Blender is made and warranted for home use, it has the torque and power of a commercial blender.

The Vitamix 1782 Turboblend Blender 1782 operates with an on / off toggle switch and a high / toggle switch. You choose the high or low setting and then turn the Vitamix on.

Vitamix Blender Jar and Lid
The 64oz jar that comes with the Vitamix blender is made from Eastman Tritan Copolyester plastic that is  break resistant. Plus the Vitamix jar is BPA Free.  It is so strong you can hit it with a hammer and it will not break through.

The lid locks onto the Vitamix jar with rubber clamps. These clamps hold the lid on to the Vitamix jar during heavy blending jobs. The lid is easy to remove by lifting the 2 lock wings on the side of the Vitamix Jar rim.  It has a removable plug for adding ingredients to the Vitamix Blender.

It will pulverize fruit skin and fruit seeds to the point where you can't feel them in your smoothie.

You can process 4 oz or more in the Vitamix blender 1782.

The High speed on the Vitamix blender runs at a maximum speed of 37,500 RPM.  Which is equal to about 218 miles per hour.

The base of all Vitamix blenders are fire resistant. The base is mode from a thermal ABS polyester plastic.

The moisture shield above the motor protects it form being damaged from any liquid spilling on the Vitamix Blender.

The tamper is designed to fit into the Vitamix jar through the hole in the lid with out hitting the blade. The

The lid is vented to allow hot food to be blended in the Vitamix with out the hot food blowing out the lid.

Vitamix Blades have 4 prongs for efficient blending. The blade is made from a surgical grade Stainless Steel. Vitamix chose to make the blade dull to pulverize the food instead of cutting it. The blade assembly has sealed bearings. Vitamix also chose to use a metal to metal blade drive system. You can replace the blade and drive shaft with out having to buy a new jar.

The Swedish made Vitamix motor has a thermal protection system to prevent the motor from burning out.  If the Vitamix motor gets too hot the machine will turn off.

The Vitamix operates with 110 Volt AC, 50/60 Hz., 11.5 Amps

The heavy duty power cord stores under the Vitamix base. You can leave a portion of the cord coiled under the Vitamix making the cord extend from 19 inches to 6 feet. For safety, the Vitamix power cord has a 3rd prong ground cord.

The included Healthy Life Style Recipes book includes 150 pages with Vitamix instructions.

It comes with a 5 year Vitamix manufacturers warranty on parts and labor.

The Vitamix Blender is proudly made in the U.S.

Standing at 20.5 inches high x 7.25 inches W x 8.75 inches D

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