Vitamix Container 32 oz Household with Wet Blade & Lid



This Vitamix Container 15842 can be filled to a maximum capacity of 32 oz. This leaves extra space in the Vitamix Container allows room for the vortex that is created during the blending process. This Vitamix Container includes a hammermill, stainless sttl blade that is 3 inches wide and is designed for processing wet foods and it includes a 2 piece lid.

The Vitamix Container is made from super strong, BPA Free Eastman Tritan Copolyester plastic.  This Vitamix Container is virtually unbreakable.

The lid fits snugly on the Vitamix Container to stay on while blending.

The plug in the Vitamix Container lid allows pressure and steam to vent when processing hot foods.  The plug in the Vitamix Container lid is removable for adding more foods to the blender while it is running.

The Vitamix Container has measurement markings on the side of the jar so you know how full to fill it.

It is 9.8 inches tall.

This Vitamix Container does not come with the wrench.

The Vitamix Container is easy to clean. Just put 1 drop of liquid dish detergent in the Vitamix Container along with 1-2 cups of water. Put the lid on and pulse for a few seconds, rinse and dry.