Vitamix Container 32 oz w/Dry Blade, Book, Tamper and Lid



The 32 oz Vitamix Container model number 56090 comes with a dry blade, lid, cookbook and a short tamper to fit the short Vitamix container.

There is a Vitamix Container, model number 56090,  we choose to not sell, because it has the same Vitamix container except it does not include the short tamper and both Vitamix container models sell for the same price.

This Vitamix container is perfect for kneading bread dough and for grinding grains into whole grain flour.

The Vitamix container is made of super strong Eastman Tritan copolyester and it is BPA free.

This Vitamix container is shorter than the 64 oz container making it possible to fit under most top cabinets while on the machine base.

The Vitamix container blades are made of hammermill stainless steel and are lazer cut. They measure 3 inches across.

The Vitamix Blender lid fits tightly to the container to prevent spills while blending. It has a removable plug for adding food to the Vitamix container while blending and is vented to release steam  while blending hot foods.

It has measurements marked on the side of the Vitamix container so you know how full to fill it.

The Whole Grains Coookbook that comes with this Vitamix container has a retail value of $15.00.  It contains instructions for grinding grains into flour and 50 recipes for using the flour you made in your Vitamix container.

This Vitamix container measures 9.8 inches tall.