Vitamix Tamper for the 64 oz Container



This Vitamix Tamper is an original Vitamix Tamper and is designed for use with 64 oz Vitamix blender containers. Do not use this Vitamix Tamper with a container that is a low profile container.

This tall Vitamix Tamper fits through the lid opening of the lid with out hitting the blade as long as it is use in a standard tall container. The collar prevents it from being inserted too far. This Vitamix Tamper pushes thick ingredients down into the blades and breaks up air pockets.

You can blend food with out having to stop the blender when you use this Vitamix Tamper. The Vitamix Tamper helps you create lump free smoothies and completely blended purees.

This Vitamix Tamper is too long for the 32 oz  or 48 oz blender jars, it measures 12.75 inches long and made of BPA free plastic.