Weston Stainless Steel 10 Tray Food Dehydrator



The Weston Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator has 10 chrome plated steel removable dehydrating racks.

The chrome plated door removes from the food dehydrator for easy cleaning.

With the increased knowledge in the harmful effects of health that BPA in plastics causes, you will love this BPA free food dehydrator.

The Weston Food Dehydrator Racks:
10 Steel racks with a chrome plating for long lasting durability
Each of the racks hold 1.5 sq ft. A total of 15 sq ft of drying space.
The racks have an external measurement of 16.25 x 13.75 inches and an internal measurement of 15 x 13.5 inches.
All of the racks  easily remove from the food dehydrator for loading, cleaning and for dehydratig large items like crafts and flowers.

The Electronics
The food dehydrator thermostat has easy to read, color codes for temperature settings.
The timer turns the machine off after 10 hours
Adjusts to 155 degrees Fahrenheit
1000 watt heating elements
Ultra quiet large 6.5 fan

Measuring 16 x 17 x 20 inches and will fit on your kitchen counter.
Horizontal air flow, no need to rotate the trays.
Stainless steel heavy duty construction will not rust.

Comes with a Dehydration instruction manual

1 Year Weston Food Dehydrator Warranty

The 14 x 14 inch ParaFlexx Premium Good Dehydrator sheets, ParaFlexx Disposable Parchment Papers (36 sheets) and ParaFlexx Disposable Parchment paper 100 sheets can be cut to fit the trays which are 15 x 13.5 inches.