Weston Supply Hand Cereal and Grain Mill 36-3601W



This Hand Cereal and Grain Mill 36-3601W is made by Weston Supply. It is a manually operated grinding milling machine. It is called a cereal and Grain Mill because it is cracks grains and does not produce a fine flour This Grain Mill is the perfect tool for cracking grains for animal feed, corn meal for feeding chickens and for cracking malted barley for home brewers. This Grain Mill is not for producing fine flours.

This Weston Grain Mill is made from heavy duty cast iron and will serve you a long time.

This is a clamp type Grain Mill.  The Grain Mill attaches to any counter top or table that has a thickness up to 1.5 inches thick.

The rubber base pad in the Grain Mill clamp prevents the it from scratching the  surface of your table or counter top. You secure the clamp to the surface your are using by sliding the Grain Mill over the edge of the table or counter top then turn the key below the clamp to tighten. You want the Grain Mill tightened securely so it will not move while you turn the Grain Mill handle.

Once you have the Grain Mill secured to the surface, just fill the large hopper with the grain, malt, corn, shelled nuts or seeds you wish to grind, choose a texture setting and turn the Grain Mill handle. Be sure to put a bowl below the flour outlet before turning the Grain Mill handle.

Texture Choices
This Weston Grain Mill has adjustable burrs. You have control of the final texture it produces.  This Grain Mill will not produce a fine flour for making breads and other baked goods. It will easily grind coffee beans, nuts, herbs and it will grind grains to a coarse texture.

This Grain Mill is great for grinding dry corn into cornmeal, for cracking malted barley for home brewing, oats and for grinding other grains into a meal. It is a great tool for farmers to make chicken feed and you can make crack wheat breads with this Grain Mill.

The Weston Grain Mill  hopper is extra large. It measures 5.5 inch in diameter for holding a lot of grain.

The ergonomically designed  handle on this Grain Mill is large for an easy grip.  It is made from wood that has been varnished. The Grain Mill handle is on a post so it will stay comfortably in your hand while you turn the Grain Mill handle. The Grain Mill handle an grinding arm effortlessly turns allowing you to grind large batches in the Grain Mill for large jobs.

The Weston Grain Mill is easy to completely disassemble.  Just wash or rinse and dry the Grain Mill in your kitchen sink.

You get a 1 year manufacturers warranty that covers any manufacturing defects.

The Weston Grain Mill weighs 11.3 pounds. This is not the shipping weight.

The dimensions of the Grain Mill are 12 inches high x 5.5 inches wide and 6.2 inches deep.

This Weston Cereal and Grain Mill ships from Sacramento, California. We will ship the Grain Mill via FedEx. We also provide you with a tracking number once the Grain Mill has shipped. We ship Monday -  Friday. Any orders placed after 1 pm will ship the next business day.