Weston Vacuum Sealer Bags



These Weston Vacuum Sealer bags come in 6 different sizes and packages. Choose from:

100 - 8 x 12 inches

100 - 11 x 16 inches

100 - 15 x 18 inches

100 - 6 x 10 inches

3 Pack of 11 x 18

50 Bag Variety Pack includes:

  • 25 pint (6" x 10") bags
  • 15 quart (8" x 12") bags
  • 10 gallon (11" x 16") bags


  • These versatile bags will work with most leading vacuum sealer brands.
  • They all are 2 ply and are 3.0 mil thick
  • The air removal channels maintains maximum food freshness
  • Great for marinating foods in minutes
  • Made from FDA approved and BPA free food safe materials
  • Great for non-food and food items
  • You can simmer and microwave food in these bags*
*Puncture a small hole in the Bag before warming cooked foods or microwaving foods. When simmering food in a Vacuum Bag, closely Monitor the pot you are using to simmer in to make sure it has plenty of water and that the Vacuum Bag is not in direct contact with the bottom of the pot. Be sure to follow food safety guidelines. Do not reuse these bags after storing greasy foods, raw meats or fish. Also do not reuse these Vacuum Bags after heating food by simmering or microwaving. Do not use the Vacuum Bags in the oven or under the broiler.