Weston Vacuum Sealer Pro-1100



The Weston Pro-1100 Vacuum sealer machine is a professional grade vacuum sealer that can be used in a home environment.

This vacuum sealer is a compact version of the Weston Pro series vacuum sealer machines. Except the Weston Pro-1100 model of vacuum sealer includes a bag roll holder and a bag cutter. This is a bonus feature on the Pro-1100 vacuum sealer machine. This is a great feature, it makes it easy to use and store the vacuum sealer bag roll.

The Pro-1100 vacuum sealer has a convenient and easy to use control panel. The flat button control system is easy to clean, just wipe it clean damp cloth. The vacuum sealer has a digital display so you can see what the vacuum sealer is doing and when it will be done sealing the bag. The vacuum sealer is vacuum canister capable. It has a vacuum port located on the side of the vacuum sealer machine.

The Weston Pro-1100 vacuum sealer operates with a 680 watt motor and draws 28.5" HG. The vacuum sealer pump is a double piston type of pump. The motor on the vacuum sealer has a cooling fan built in to keep the machine cool during operation.

The heat sealing bar on the vacuum sealer is 11 inches wide and makes a 1/4 inch seal on the bag. The sealing time can be adjusted for different thickness of vacuum sealer bags. The vacuum sealer has an automatic sealing mode where the it shuts off when the bag is sealed. This can be done with a one touch press of a button.  The manual seal mode has a pressure control for sealing bags that contain soft and crushable foods you don't want crushed.

The power cord is detachable from the vacuum sealer for easy storing.

The Weston Vacuum sealer includes a side mount vacuum port for sealing canisters. It also includes a maintenance kit which includes two chamber seals and one strip of seal bar tape.

You get one textured vacuum sealer bag roll measuring 11 inches wide by 50 inches long.

This Weston vacuum sealer is an out of chamber type of vacuum sealer machine. All out of chamber vacuum sealer machines can not seal thin household bags as well as any other non-embossed or non-textured bags. Sealing a thin food bag may result in burned plastic and holes in the plastic where the plastic has melted. For best sealing results, Weston recommends using an embossed lining or textured plastic food storage bags made specifically for vacuum sealer machines.

The 1 year warranty on the vacuum sealer machine is covered by the manufacturer, Weston Products LLC. The warranty is granted only to the original purchaser of the vacuum sealer. The warranty period is one year from the date of purchase and covers manufacturing defects.  You must send a copy of the original sales receipt and the warranty card to Weston Products LLC with in 30 days of your vacuum sealer purchase to activate the warranty. A warranty card is on the back of the vacuum sealer owners manual.

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