Wondermill Junior Deluxe Masa / Nut Butter Auger


34.95 $44.95

The New Wondermill Junior Deluxe Masa / Nut Butter Auger is amazingly simple to put into your Wonder JR Deluxegrain mill.  You can switch between grinding grain to grinding masa to grinding almond butter within minutes, thus providing you an endless range of things you can do with your Wonder Deluxe with the Shaft Pull Pin it is easy to remove the auger for quick cleanup when you are done milling.
Here are just a few things you can do with the Masa / Nut butter auger:

  • Grind fresh hominy into soft masa dough for delicious mouth- watering tamales 
  • Grind your favorite coffee beans into fresh, wonderfully ground coffee
  • Turn almost any nuts into freshly ground nut butters faster than other grain mill can
  • Grind sprouted wheat or other sprouted grains into living flour dough without having to dehydrate them first
The masa / nut butter auger works perfectly with your stainless steel burrs to perform miracles with your Wonder Deluxe Hand Mill. The Drill Bit Attachment for your Wonder JR grain mill will speed up the process of grinding by allowing you to power the grain mill with your home drill.