Yogourmet Yogurt Maker Extra Batch Jar



Do you need an extra batch jar for your Yogourmet yogurt maker? If you do, we have what you need.

The Yogourmet Yogurt Maker is my favorite yogurt maker on the market. You can make small and large batches of plain or flavored yogurts.

The Yogourmet Yogurt Maker Extra Batch Jar is exactly the same as the batch jar that can with your Yogourmet Yogurt Maker.

It hold up to 2 qts of milk, soymilk or other non dairy milk like almond milk.

The yogurt make extra batch jar is made from unbreakable polypropylene plastic that is food safe and top rack dishwasher safe.

The lid fits tightly and can be used to store and food in the refrigerator.  A second batch jar for your yogurt make comes in handy for making a different flavor or batch before the first batch is consumed.