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  1. Omega Juicer Hopper - Black


    This Omega Juicer Hopper is a replacement part for the Omega models 8005 and 8006. This Omega Juicer Hopper comes in Black. The Omega Juicer Hopper can be shipped to a PO Box address if it is the only item...
  2. Omega Juicer Clutch Nut 4000


    This Omega juicer clutch nut fits the Omega 4000 centrifugal juicer. It is an original replacement part.
  3. Omega Juicer Blade Model 4000


    This Omega Juicer Blade fit the 4000 centrifugal model.  It is an original replacement part. This Omega juicer blade is made of 100 percent rust proof Stainless. The Omega Juicer Blade Diameter is 4 7/16 inch.This Omega juicer blade has...
  4. Omega Juicer Blade for 1000 and 9000 Models


    This Omega Juicer Blade fits both the 9000 and 1000 centrifugal models. This Omega Juicer Blade is an original shredding part.  The Omega Juice Blade is made of rust proof stainless steel. The center hole of this Omega juicer blade...
  5. Omega Juicer Auger GE Ultem Black for 8004 & 8006 Models


    The Black Omega Juicer Auger is by Omega and is a original replacement part. This Omega Juicer Auger is made of GE Ultem plastic. It is 8 times stronger than the white plastic Omega Juicer Auger. The Black Omega Juicer...
  6. Omega Juicer Auger White Plastic for 8003 & 8005


    This Omega Juicer Auger comes standard with the 8003 and 8005 models. This Omega Juicer Auger also fits the 8004 and 8006 Omega Juicer models. This white Omega Juicer Auger is made of white plastic and is not as strong...
  7. Omega Juicer Blank for 8003, 8004, 8005, and 8006 Models


    This Omega Juicer Blank is an Omega original replacement part and made by Omega.  The Omega Juicer Blank fits models 8003, 8004, 8005 and 8006. It fits both the original drum with no number on the back and it fits...
  8. Omega Juicer Clutch Nut for 1000 and 9000


    This Omega Juicer Clutch Nut is made for the 1000 and 9000 centrifugal juicers models. This original Omega Juicer Clutch Nut is and original replacement part and is made by Omega. This part holds the shredding blade in place.
  9. Omega and Acme Juicer Arm (1) for 1000 and 9000 models


    Our original Omega juicer arm is made by the Omega company.  This exact replacement part is for the 1000 and 9000 Omega centrifugal models and will fit the Olympus 1000 juicer. The Acme / Omega Juicer Arm comes with instructions...
  10. Omega Juicer Plunger for Model 4000


    This Original Omega juicer plunger is a replacement part for the Omega Centrifugal model 4000. It will NOT fit 1000 and 9000 models.  The Omega juicer plunger comes in green, but if we are out of stock in the green...
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