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  1. Victorio Strainer VKP250 4 pc Accessories


    The Victorio Strainer Accessory Kit includes 3 Victorio Strainer screens and 1 Victorio Strainer grape spiral. This Victorio Strainer Accessory Kit fits the Victorio Strainer VKP250 model. The Victorio Strainer VKP250 comes with a Victorio Strainer apple/tomato screen and none...
  2. Victorio Canning Kit with Brush VKP1041


    This Victorio Canning Kit has all you need for canning your homemade foods safely.   Includes: Canning FunnelMagnetic Lid LifterJar LifterJar WrenchJar Cleaning Brush 
  3. Victorio Sauce Maker and Food Mill Motor VKP250-M


    You can buy this Victorio Food Mill Motor and make life easier when you make tomato sauce, apple sauce, baby food and more. This mill motor will make quick work of your sauce making needs. This mill motor is made...
  4. Victorio Deluxe Grain Mill Motor VKP1024-M


    This Victorio Grain Mill Motor model VKP1024-M turns your Victorio Deluxe VKP1024 and VKP1024A hand Grain Mill into a powerful machine to get the job done quickly. You can use the hand crank when the power is out or you...
  5. Victorio Grain Mill Deluxe VKP1024


    The Victorio Deluxe Grain Mill VKP1024 has a larger Grain mill hopper than the Victorio model VKP1012. The Deluxe VKP1024 grain mill hopper will hold 4.5 cups of grains for continuous milling. The Victorio model VKP1012grain mill has a large 2 cup hopper. ...
  6. Victorio Deluxe Four Tray Kitchen Sprouter VKP1200


    Grow sprouts with in a few days with the Victorio Deluxe Four Tray Kitchen Sprouter model VKP1200. This sprouter has been designed with a parented hydrophobic irrigation system for a fast and easy way to produce fresh, high quality sprouts...
  7. Victorio Steam Canner Aluminum VKP1054


    The Victorio Steam Canner VKP1054 uses less water than a water bath method.  The steam canner eliminates heavy lifting and water boiling over. Holds 7  1 quart jars or 8 pint jars. (This steam canner will not process half gallon...
  8. Victorio Apple Peeler - Suction Cup VKP1010


    Victorio VKP1010 suction style apple peeler attaches to a smooth counter or table. This Victorio apple peeler is made of coated cast iron. The cutting blade  stainless steel and the shaft is chrome. The apple peeler makes peeling fruits  and...
  9. Victorio Sauce Maker Food Mill VKP250


    The Victorio Sauce Maker VKP250 removes seeds and skin for making puree, jams, baby food and more. This machine a superb design and is a must have for canning. You do not need to core or peel apples when using...
  10. Victorio Large Jar and Bottle Brush VKP1043


    This Victorio jar and bottle brush Model VKP1143 is intended for cleaning canning jars and bottles but can be use for cleaning baby bottles and jars of any size. This bottle brush is perfect for cleaning plastic and glass jars,...